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Holiday Pet Boarding Tips

November 15, 2022
Are you going to be traveling over the holidays? If so, you may want to board your furry pal when you are out of town. A Roswell, NM vet offers some advice on boarding pets over the holidays below.

Choose The Right Kennel

First and foremost, it’s extremely important to choose the right kennel. You don’t want to entrust just anyone with the care of your beloved pet! Ask around for recommendations, and take time to read reviews. Your vet may also be able to suggest a good place.

Look Into Perks

Many kennels offer various add-on services. These can range from extra treats and playtime to grooming, live cams, or other options. Don’t be afraid to ask about what’s available!

Provide Clear Information

If Fido or Fluffy have allergies, phobias, chronic conditions, or any other issues that would warrant special attention, be sure to provide that information clearly. Ideally, provide it both verbally and in writing. You don’t need to tell the kennel about Fido’s ongoing battle with the squirrel in the backyard, but they would need to know if he’s allergic to chicken.

Plan For The Unexpected

Holiday travel is always a bit risky, simply because of the chance of weather causing delays and shutdowns. Pack extra food, treats, and medicine for your four-legged buddy, just in case.

Book Early

This is a big one. The holidays are the busiest time of the year for travel, and spots can fill up very quickly. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your furry buddy’s stay!

Try A Trial Run

If possible, try to bring your pet to the kennel for a night before you head out for your vacation. This is especially helpful with dogs. It will give Fido a chance to get used to his home away from home. That will make it easier on him down the road when he goes for a longer stay.

Ask Questions

Kennels all operate a bit differently, so don’t assume that your new kennel will do things exactly the same way as your last one did. Things like drop off and pick up times and procedures, add-ons, business hours, and even packing insert can vary greatly from one place to another. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Do you want to schedule an exam for your pet? Contact us, your local Roswell, NM animal clinic, today!
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