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The Cat’s Meow

Did you know that nearly every language on the planet has a similar-sounding word for Fluffy’s vocalizations? Meow translates to Miaou in French, to Miau in Spanish and Portuguese, and Miao in Italian. There’s even a Latin version: maumō. A…

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Adopt A Dog Month

October is Adopt A Dog Month! While there is certainly no wrong time to bring Fido into your home, autumn can be the perfect time of year to adopt a pooch. If you’re considering bringing a new canine pal into…

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Reasons To Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week starts September 24th. This is one cause that we are happy to spread awareness about! We strongly believe that all animals deserve loving homes. Unfortunately, less than perfect pets often have a very hard…

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5 Tips For Responsible Dog Ownership

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Fido is a wonderful pet and companion! However, our canine pals need lots of TLC to truly thrive. Providing food, water, and shelter will cover your furry friend’s most essential needs, but truly responsible…

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Trail Riding Tips

Trail riding is popular among both tourists and locals here in New Mexico. Spending a few hours on horseback is a great way to relax and soak up some gorgeous views. However, it is important to keep safety in mind….

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