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cat with black and white fur

Is Your Cat Bored?

Did you know that boredom can be a big problem for cats? We know, Fluffy seems to really enjoy doing as little as possible. However, even the laziest furball can’t sleep all the time. Kitties need something to do when…

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Playing With A Senior Dog

Our canine companions are adorable when they are hard at play. It’s almost impossible not to smile when watching Fido chase after a ball. Of course, as your pooch ages, he’ll slow down. Senior dogs still benefit from the exercise…

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Keeping Fido Cool

Summers in New Mexico can be brutally hot, with temps in some parts of the state climbing over 100. Here in the Roswell area, the average summer temps are usually in the 90’s. That’s definitely warm enough to make overheating…

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Kitten Care Tips

Adopting a kitten can be fun, exciting, and is definitely a life changer for both you and your new pet. Baby cats are absolutely adorable! They’re also curious, clumsy, and fragile. You’re going to have some pet parenting to do…

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Group of puppies sitting together

Ways To Pupgrade Your Yard

Does your canine companion have a yard to run and play in? Fido needs fresh air and exercise, just as we do. Why not make your yard a bit more ‘pawesome’ for your furry friend? A Roswell, NM vet offers…

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Barn Cats

Do you have a farm, barn, or homestead? Sooner or later, you’re likely to find rodents. Mice, rats, and other vermin are attracted to grain and food stores, and think of barns and stables as all-you-can-eat buffets. As it turns…

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