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If Cats Ruled The World

June 15, 2022

June 24th may very well be the most important day of the year for our feline friends: it’s Cat World Domination Day! Kitties certainly do have a way of getting us to pamper them. In fact, many of our furry patients already have their humans completely wrapped around their cute paws. What do you think would happen if Fluffy did manage to take control of the world? A Roswell, NM vet offers some insight below.


Cats are quite bossy little furballs. Some of the laws our new Supreme Ruler would pass? We expect you’d have to provide your kitty with a set amount of boxes and grocery bags. It would also be illegal to take Christmas trees down before your feline buddy has lost interest. We may also expect to see some laws passed preventing anyone with a cat on their lap from getting up before she’s ready.

Urban Planning

Fluffy would probably make some changes to laws and regulations regarding expansion and development. In rural areas, you could expect to see lots of built-in cat enclosures and catios. Our feline overlords may also want real trees installed in every house. Other possible developments would include catnip gardens and stocked fishponds in every yard … or at least every block. Other things that may suddenly become mandatory? Comfy window seats, cat walks, and, of course, built-in kitty napping spots.


Fluffy probably couldn’t be bothered to take much interest in things like quality control, union developments, or manufacturing processes. Plus, if you were to provide her with a printout of the laws regarding these things, she’d probably just fall asleep on it. However, she may demand that cat toys and/or catnip be included in all packaged products.

Kitty Honors

Things may start looking a little different if Fluffy ruled the world. You might start seeing statues of Garfield and Nermal, Sylvester, Marie the Aristocat, Morris, and Grump Cat popping up in parks and town squares. Street, building, and college names may also get a kitty makeover.


Poor Fido may not fare very well under the new regime. Our canine companions may very well find themselves banished to the doghouse. Or, at the very least, they’d have to surrender their beds.

As your local Roswell, NM animal clinic, we are dedicated to keeping your feline overlord healthy and purring. Please contact us anytime!