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Keeping Flies Out Of Your Barn

July 3, 2022

Here in New Mexico, we share our terrain with some beautiful wildlife. We also have more than our share of flies, which can annoy both you and your four-legged buddies. While there’s nothing that will keep all flies out, there are things you can do to help reduce the number of flies you find in your place. A local Roswell, NM vet lists some of these below.

Pickup Schedule

Probably the most important thing is scheduling regular manure pickups. Don’t overlook the possibility of making some money here! Many gardeners and homesteaders are willing to pay for Silver’s waste, because it’s so beneficial to the land.


Fly strips are an unsightly but helpful piece of décor in many barns. Just make sure Silver can’t nibble on it!

Automated Options

You can get automated misters, which will spray chemicals to kill and/or repel flies. Just do lots of research first, and ask your vet for recommendations. Some of these products do give off strong fumes, which may bother horses and/or people with sensitivities.


Another option would be to feed Silver supplements that can keep flies from breeding in his manure. If you’re concerned about exposing your horse to chemicals, opt for natural products. These would contain things like apple cider vinegar, garlic, and/or yeast. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Hired Help

Wasps may not seem like a very likely ally, but they may very well come to the rescue in this department. There is a specific type of wasp, the parasitoid wasp, that devours flies but won’t hurt your horses.


Fans aren’t just good for fly control: they also help keep barns cooler!

Cover The Trash

Any open garbage cans or dumpster is an all-you-can-eat buffet for flies. Use garbage cans with secure lids, and keep dumpster lids closed. This applies to grain, too: store grain in rubber trash cans with lids. Old freezers work well for this, though you may need to adjust it to ensure no one can get locked in.

Moisture Control

Flies love moist areas. We may not get as much rain as some areas, but you’ll still want to be extra vigilant when it is wet. Dump out any buckets that have collected water. Getting rid of rotting food and/or hay will also help.

As your Roswell, NM animal clinic, we’re here to help!