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Respect Your Cat Day 

March 15, 2023

There’s a pretty important kitty holiday coming up. March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day! If we were to ask Fluffy, she would of course insist that every day should be Respect Your Cat Day, and she wouldn’t be wrong. We believe that all animals deserve respect and kindness 365 days a year! That said, our feline friends may have something a bit different in mind for this ‘pawspicious’ occasion. A Roswell, NM vet elaborates on this very important topic below.

Fluffy’s Requests

If it were up to Fluffy, she would probably demand that we show her proper respect in some rather extravagant ways. After all, she managed to convince the ancient Egyptians to treat her as a deity! Our furry pals may want to see cat trees or catwalks in every room. Your feline overlord would also expect catnip gardens, beds, treats, stocked fish ponds, and, of course, empty boxes.

Viable Options

How does one show your cat respect? It doesn’t mean that you have to stop posting silly pictures of Fluffy online. It’s really more about taking good care of her, and making sure that she feels loved and safe. That of course starts with the basics: food, shelter, clean litterboxes, and proper veterinary care. It’s also important to pay attention to Fluffy’s mental and emotional needs. Kitties need enrichment and stimulation, just like the rest of us do. Provide your cute pet with fun toys, and make sure that she has things to explore and investigate. 

Fluffy’s Best Interests

While cats really love being pampered, treating your feline buddy with kindness and respect doesn’t just mean spoiling her. It also sometimes means doing things that will keep her healthy and safe … even if she isn’t happy about them. For instance, your furry friend may enjoy going outside, but she’s actually safer staying in. 

Purrfect Options

Pay attention to your kitty’s needs and opinions. One huge faux pas here is forcing attention on Fluffy. Always let your cat decide when it’s time for snuggles. It’s also important to deal with any behavioral issues kindly and gently. For instance, you should never punish your little buddy for scratching your belongings. She’s just following her instincts! Ask your vet for advice on dealing with any behavioral issues. 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Roswell, NM animal clinic, today!