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Tips For Herding Cats

December 15, 2022

Today, December 15th, is Cat Herder’s Day. That may sound like an impossible task; after all, our feline buddies are notorious for going where they want, when they want. However, there are some ways that you can direct Fluffy. A local Roswell, NM vet discusses kitty herding in this article.


The term ‘Herding cats’ may have come from Monty Python’s 1979 comedy The Life of Brian. It resurfaced in the 80’s, when IT expert Dave Platt noted that “Managing senior programmers is like herding cats.” Then, along came the 2000 Super Bowl. A Hewlett Packard commercial featured a cowboy expertly herding cats with great skill and prowess … qualities the tech giant also cleverly attributed to their customer service.

Laser Pointers

Fluffy has been trying to chase that elusive red dot for years, and she hasn’t yet figured out her elusive prey. If you want to ‘herd’ your tiny lion, shining a laser pointer in the direction you want her to go is a pretty good bet.


Our feline pals don’t run on solar, but they do love napping in sunbeams. If you put a comfy bed in a bright, sunny spot, you’ll likely find it works very well as a kitty trap.


We may never completely understand the kitty rulebook, but there’s clearly a very important segment about boxes and the importance of investigating empty ones. An empty box can be a very effective furball-herding device.

Paper Bag

Paper bags can be just as effective as boxes. There is a logical reason for this: kitties feel safer in enclosed areas. Just be sure to cut any handles off, so Fluffy can’t get entangled.

Retro Option: Can Opener

Most canned cat food comes with pop tops these days, so the current generation of kitties doesn’t always come running to the sound of a can opener as their grandparents did. However, Fluffy does know that some of her favorite treats, like canned tuna, must be opened by appliance.

Reverse Option: Loud Noises

Our feline overlords like their homes nice and quiet, for napping purposes. They’re also not fans of loud and/or unexpected noises. Chances are, if Fluffy is in the kitchen when you dig through your cookware, the commotion will probably send her running off at full kitty speed.

Happy Holidays from Franklin Veterinary Clinic, your Roswell, NM animal hospital. Contact us anytime!