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Tips For Keeping Fido Fit

January 15, 2023

Exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Just like us, our canine buddies all have their own needs and preferences when it comes to working out. That said, there are a few rules of thumb that apply to all dogs. A Roswell, NM vet offers some advice on this below.

Start Slow

Exploring can be fun for both you and your furry pal. Fido makes a wonderful trail partner! If your pup is out of shape, you’ll need to work him up slowly. Take care not to overexert him. Watch for signs that Fido is getting tired, such as panting heavily or slowing down. If he seems tired, give him some water and call it a day.

Try Different Things

For many dogs, simply going for walks and trips to the park will provide all the activity they need. However, there’s no reason you can’t experiment a bit. Fido may also enjoy agility training, dock diving, or even dancing. Man’s Best Friend also likes skateboarding and skijoring. There’s no harm in trying something new, as long as you can do so safely.

Do Breed Specific Research

Fido’s breed and size both play roles in his activity requirements. A Greyhound may love going for daily sprints, while a Chihuahua will get plenty of cardio just running around the house. Talk to your vet, and find out how much exercise your pooch needs and what activities he’s best suited for.


Who says working out can’t be fun? In fact, it’s much better if it is! Playing is a wonderful way to keep your furry best friend in shape. Tossing a Frisbee for your canine companion will get both Fido’s tail moving and his heart pumping. If Fido loves chasing tennis balls, consider getting him a ball launcher. 

Be Consistent

Try to keep Fido on a steady routine as much as possible. Many people like to take their canine pals on adventures when the weekend hits. That’s fine, but just don’t overdo it. If your pooch gets a few short walks during the week, and then goes on a vigorous hike, he’ll tire out more quickly than a pup who gets an hour of activity every day.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your local Roswell, NM pet clinic, today. We’re here to help!