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Ways You Can Help Horses

April 15, 2024

Help A Horse Day is April 26! This day was created to unite equine enthusiasts in their efforts to raise awareness about horses that need help, and also to signal boost some great horse sanctuaries and rescues. We believe that each of these lovely hooved creatures deserves a spacious stall, companionship, affectionate attention, and, of course, lots of carrots, apples, and sugar cubes. A local Ruidoso, NM vet discusses helping horses in this article. 

The Background Of Horses

Horses were initially domesticated 6000 years ago. The impact they have had on civilization since then cannot be overstated. They were the primary mode of transportation until slightly over a century ago. They also carried us into battle, carried our supplies and messages, and assisted us in plowing and harvesting fields. 

Unfortunately, Silver is all too often treated as a tool, rather than a living being with emotions and needs. horses are extraordinarily intelligent and emotional, and are also capable of developing extraordinarily close bonds with their owners. 

What Are Good Ways To Help Horses?


There are a ton of amazing, dedicated people saving horses, whether you’re wanting to adopt or you just want to support a worthy cause. Fundraising, hosting events, and getting some wish list items are all small things you can do to help.

Fostering Silver

If you already have a barn and some hooved companions, you might want to explore fostering a rescue horse. Although there will undoubtedly be additional costs involved, the emotional rewards could be tremendous. Visit MyRightHorse.org, an ASPCA-approved website, to view a current inventory of available horses.

Sponsoring A Rescue

Additionally, numerous rescued horses need sponsors. Helping a horse in this way is a terrific alternative to making a big investment. When many rescues arrive at their sanctuary, they are often in poor condition. At a minimum, they will require regular pedicures and comprehensive examinations. You may find plenty of hooved candidates on rescue sites or fundraising platforms, such as GoFundMe. Many humane societies also have listings for horses that need help.

What Sorts Of Horse Rescues Are There? 

There are numerous other rescues to be found. A large number work with particular breeds, while others concentrate on regional horses.

  • Draft Rescues Draft horses work extremely hard, moving carts and logs on fields, only to be discarded once age and labor catch up with them. Numerous organizations are committed to helping these gentle giants and giving them great retirements.
  • Wild Horse Rescues. Wild horse rescue organizations may function in various ways. Some merely afford the horses sanctuary and do not restrict their freedom. Others train them and eventually put them up for adoption. 
  • Donkey Silver’s little cousins are frequently placed in perilous circumstances as well. These affectionate, braying equines are very sociable and emotional, and deserve to be treated with love and kindness. 
  • Overseas Rescues: The past few decades have been, to put it mildly, turbulent. This has resulted in grave issues with animal welfare in numerous nations. Rescue operations are actively working in many nations and regions.
  • Auction Auction rescues are one very worthy cause. Sadly, a great number of horses in North America are in danger of being shipped to factories. Although horse slaughter is prohibited by law in the United States, kill pen buyers acquire horses at auction with the intention of transporting them to Canada or Mexico. This is abhorrent; the animals are often kept in deplorable conditions. Many of them are malnourished, injured, or ill, in addition to being completely terrified and confused. 
  • Racehorse Rescues of racehorses are also a great cause. For numerous horses, the racing industry is a conduit to unfortunate circumstances. At kill pen auctions, retired racehorses are frequently for sale. There are several rescues that specialize in retired racehorses, many of which are eventually made available for adoption. 

There are unquestionably some advantages to rescuing and adopting a thoroughbred. They are often still quite young, reasonably priced, and absolutely gorgeous. Silver will undoubtedly require training in order to become accustomed to other styles of horsemanship, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing: it’s just something to consider.

Of course, there are also a lot of relief groups that just save whatever horses they can. 

We advise evaluating a rescue organization prior to donating. You don’t need to go into great detail; simply verify their legitimacy and activity on their website and social media platforms. Organizations that are 501c3s are always a great option. However, there are also many smaller ones that are doing great work. You may also find the occasional rescue horse at barns that don’t normally do rescues. The main thing is to beware of imposters: scammers occasionally repost text from some of the more well-known pages.

This page here contains an excellent resource. You can also ask your Ruidoso, NM veterinarian for suggestions.

Advocate for Equine Protections

Another thing you can do to help? Support and promote forthcoming laws that will safeguard horses is one way that everyone can contribute. Simply spreading the word can have a significant impact, just as it does with any animal advocacy cause. Share posts for any equine rescues that you have been following.

Why Do So Many Equine Sanctuaries Exist?

Horses have always found themselves in perilous circumstances. In 1866, for instance, Henry Burgh, the ASPCA organization’s founder, intervened when he observed a carriage driver abuse his horse. In the end, this led to the first arrest for horse abuse. 

Several factors have contributed to the exacerbation of the issue over the last century, including horse meat sales, the prioritization of profit over protection among many in the racing industry, financial concerns, and the roundup of feral horses. Horses can also end up in trouble if their owners die, get sick, or just come across hard times.

Adopting A Rescue: Yay Or Neigh? 

Assuming you are able to do so, adopting is certainly something to think about. It might turn out to be among the most fulfilling things you’ve ever done. However, it’s not going to be the right option for everyone. 

Horses require an extraordinary amount of upkeep. Silver will require daily attention, including feeding, hoof picking, water receptacle sanitization, and stall cleaning. Your hooved pal will require turnout time as well. Farrier visits are also vitally important; maintaining the cleanliness and health of your horse’s hooves cannot be emphasized enough. Additionally, there are expenses for veterinary care, dental care, nutrition, and tack, among others.

That does not mean that adoption is not a worthwhile endeavor; it just should not be approached hastily. 

If you’re considering purchasing a horse but are wary of the commitment, there are a few other options to think about. The practice of leasing horses is on the rise. You would basically be renting Silver. Different barns and owners may provide different situations. One advantage of choosing this path is that it does not require as big of a commitment. This can also be a try-before-you-buy situation in some cases.

Simply volunteering may also be a good fit. Many rescues are always in need of extra hands. 

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