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Guests And Pets

November 15, 2023

The holidays are just around the corner now. It’s always nice to enjoy some much-needed quality time with our loved ones. Pets are definitely part of the family, and they add that perfect final touch of love and comfort to holiday gatherings. Of course, not everyone is as enamored with our furry friends as we are. In fact, many people have never had pets of their own. If you’re having company, you may want to take a few steps to ensure that things go smoothly. A local Roswell, NM vet offers some advice on that below.

Best Paw Forward

Before your company arrives, make time for a good deep cleaning. Vacuum and dust thoroughly. Include those high, dusty spots, such as ceiling fans and drape rods. You’ll also want to change your air filter. You can use rubber dish gloves, a squeegee, or a damp sponge to get fur off your upholstered furniture. Wash both the guest room bedding and your pet’s bedding. Don’t forget about Fido and Fluffy! Give your furry pal a good brushing. Dogs may also need a bath. 

Guest Room

Allergies can make living with pets a pretty miserable experience for some folks. If you know or suspect that your guests have allergies, take a bit of extra time with the guest room preparations. Wash all bedding, using hot water and unscented detergent. You may also want to get an air filter for the room. As a thoughtful touch, set out tissues and OTC allergy meds.

House Rules

It’s both safer and easier to lay down some guidelines in advance than it is to deal with an unpleasant—or even dangerous—incident. Ask your guests not to feed or discipline your furry friend without checking with you first. We’d also advise requesting that they keep their room door closed and their belongings out of paws’ reach. You don’t want Fido chewing your brother’s shoes or Fluffy leaving a hairball on your aunt’s designer purse!


Last but not least, just keep a close eye on things. Be extra vigilant if some of your guests are children. Young kids may not understand that many of our things aren’t safe for Fluffy and Fido, or that they definitely do not like having their tails pulled. You can also offer your pet a safe place to retreat to, and perhaps a new toy.

Our Advice on Guests And Pets in 2024

How can you prepare your home for holiday guests when I have pets?

To prepare your home for holiday guests with pets, start with a thorough cleaning to minimize pet dander and fur, focusing on vacuuming and dusting, including hard-to-reach areas. Change air filters to improve air quality. Consider washing your pet’s and guest room’s bedding with unscented detergent, especially if allergies are a concern. Groom your pet by brushing and, if necessary, bathing to reduce shedding. Establish clear house rules for guests regarding interacting with your pets to prevent any mishaps. Providing a safe, quiet space for your pet can also help them feel secure amidst increased activity and new people.

How can you manage pet allergies for guests staying in your home?

To manage pet allergies for guests, start by deep cleaning your home, focusing on removing pet hair and dander from all surfaces, including furniture and carpets. Wash all bedding, including the guests’, in hot water with unscented detergent. An air purifier in the guest room can significantly reduce airborne allergens. Provide hypoallergenic covers for pillows and mattresses. Offer tissues and over-the-counter allergy medication as a thoughtful gesture. Limiting the pet’s access to the guest room before and during the stay helps minimize exposure to allergens, creating a more comfortable environment for sensitive guests.

What house rules should be established for guests regarding interactions with pets?

Establishing house rules for guests regarding pet interactions is essential for safety and harmony. Inform guests not to feed the pets without permission, as some foods may be harmful or disrupt their diet. Advise against disciplining the pet since this can confuse or stress the animal and undermine training efforts. Encourage guests to keep their personal belongings secure, and their room doors closed to prevent pets from chewing or damaging items. Finally, remind guests, especially children, to approach pets gently and respect their space, avoiding rough play or disturbing them while resting.

What are some tips for guests to avoid unpleasant incidents with pets?

To avoid unpleasant incidents with pets, guests should follow a few essential tips. Always ask the pet owner before interacting with the pet, respecting boundaries and individual animal temperaments. Avoid direct eye contact initially, as some pets may perceive this as a threat. Offer a hand to sniff before petting, and do so gently, avoiding the head and tail until the pet seems comfortable. Never feed the pet without the owner’s consent to prevent dietary issues. Be mindful of leaving personal items within reach that the pet could damage or ingest. Lastly, supervise any interactions between children and pets to ensure safe and positive experiences for both.

What precautions should be taken to protect guests’ belongings from pets?

To protect guests’ belongings from pets, we recommend keeping their doors closed and storing them out of pets’ reach. Provide designated areas or hooks for coats and bags, away from curious noses and paws. Encourage using protective covers or closed containers for items that might attract pets, such as shoes or small electronics. Remind guests to avoid leaving food or snacks in open areas where pets can access them. Implementing these precautions can prevent damage to belongings and ensure a pleasant visit for everyone involved.

Please reach out with questions or concerns about your furry friend’s health or care. As your Roswell, NM pet hospital, we’re always here to help!