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5 Tips For Responsible Dog Ownership

September 1, 2023

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Fido is a wonderful pet and companion! However, our canine pals need lots of TLC to truly thrive. Providing food, water, and shelter will cover your furry friend’s most essential needs, but truly responsible dog ownership goes much further than that. A Roswell, NM vet goes over some key aspects of responsible dog ownership below.

Keep Up With Veterinary Care

This won’t only keep your four-legged friend healthy: it will also benefit him mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. After all, your pooch won’t be comfortable if he’s dealing with fleas, and he definitely won’t feel well if he were to contract a disease, such as parvo. Getting your pup spayed or neutered is also crucial. This not only prevents unwanted litters, it can also curb a lot of undesirable behaviors. There are health benefits as well. Follow your vet’s recommendations.

Exercise And Enrichment

Your dog’s mental and emotional health are also your responsibility. Fido is intelligent, active, and playful, and he won’t be very happy with nothing to do but sit around all day. Providing toys and entertainment have a huge impact on your pup’s overall quality of life. Offer your pooch lots of safe, suitable playthings, and carve out quality time for walks, training, and playtime each day. Your furry best friend may also appreciate trips to dog parks on occasion. Keep that cute tail going!

Don’t Skip Training

Training is one of your most important responsibilities as a dog owner. If Fido isn’t taught to obey basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come, you’ll have little or no control over his behavior. This can be extremely dangerous, not just for your canine companion, but for anyone else—including both people and animals—he may come into contact with.

Keep Fido Comfortable

Comfort and safety go hand-in-hand—or hand-in-paw—here. Keep up with Fido’s grooming needs, and make sure he has a comfy bed. It’s also important to keep your canine buddy in a safe, petproofed environment. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do Your Research

Keep in mind that your furry pal’s exact needs will vary a bit, depending on his breed, age, and size. For instance, a Chihuahua may need jackets in winter, while huskies are more comfortable without them. Do some research, and don’t be shy about asking for advice. We’re happy to help!

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your local Roswell, NM veterinary hospital, today!