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Reasons To Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet

September 15, 2023

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week starts September 24th. This is one cause that we are happy to spread awareness about! We strongly believe that all animals deserve loving homes. Unfortunately, less than perfect pets often have a very hard time getting adopted. That is heartbreaking because many of them are super sweet. Read on as a Roswell, NM veterinarian lists a few reasons to pick that sweet, shy underdog instead of that cute puppy everyone wants.

Love Is Everything

Animals have a special way of bringing love into our lives. They soothe stress and anxiety, keep us active, make us smile, and generally just improve our moods. They’re also good for us physically. Pets know when someone has helped them, and the ones that have trouble being adopted often tend to be extremely grateful to those who show them kindness.

Set A Good Example

This of course is a great point for anyone with kids, but it really applies to everyone. Some people find that helping less adoptable pets is extremely fulfilling and rewarding.  It feels great to do something out of kindness!

Save A Life

While many shelters are reducing or eliminating euthanasia, this isn’t a universal practice. Some pets have a very short time to find loving homes. You may very well be saving that pet’s life! 

Stop Puppy Mills

One change we are happy to see taking root is a pushback against cruel puppy mill owners, who often keep dogs in deplorable conditions. Several states have passed laws tightening restrictions on breeders, to help fight insert practices. By adopting, rather than going to a breeder, you’re helping turn the tide.

They’re Adorable

Less adoptable pets tend to be just as sweet, cute, and lovable as any other pet. While some may need a lot of TLC, that can also be said about adopting any puppy or high-energy dog. Our furry friends are remarkably resilient, and often bounce back from things like vision or hearing loss. Senior pets are also super charming, and can be heartmeltingly cute. 

Help Other Pets

Pets that have trouble getting adopted often languish in shelters for months. This in turn reduces the available space and resources that the shelter could otherwise offer the next homeless pet. Freeing up that kennel spot allows another pet to have their chance at getting a forever home.

Our Advice on Reasons To Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet in 2024

How do “less adoptable” pets bring love and positive effects into our lives?

“Less adoptable” pets, often overlooked due to age, health issues, or shyness, bring profound love and positive effects into our lives. These animals, grateful for a second chance, form deep bonds with their adopters, enriching their lives with unwavering loyalty and affection. Their presence can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, increase physical activity, and elevate happiness. Adopting these pets not only transforms their lives but also teaches valuable lessons in compassion and resilience, demonstrating that every animal has the potential to become a loving companion.

Why is adopting a less adoptable pet considered setting a good example?

Adopting a less adoptable pet—those with special needs, advanced age, or behavioral challenges—sets a powerful example of compassion and responsibility. It teaches the value of giving a chance to those often overlooked, highlighting the importance of empathy and kindness towards all living beings. This act of kindness enriches the adopter’s life with unique joy and gratitude from their new companion. It inspires others to consider making a similar compassionate choice, promoting a more inclusive and caring community for all animals.

In what way does adopting a less adoptable pet contribute to the fight against puppy mills?

Adopting a less adoptable pet directly contributes to the fight against puppy mills by reducing the demand for pets bred under inhumane conditions. When individuals choose to adopt from shelters or rescues, they not only provide homes to animals in need but also take a stand against the commercial breeding industry, which often prioritizes profit over the well-being of animals. This choice signals a shift towards more ethical and compassionate practices, encouraging a market that values the welfare of animals and supports the adoption of all pets, regardless of their background or perceived adoptability.

What makes less adoptable pets just as adorable and lovable as others?

Less adoptable pets, often seen as less desirable due to age, health issues, or behavioral quirks, possess unique qualities that make them just as adorable and lovable as any other pet. Their resilience in facing challenges can inspire and touch the hearts of those who adopt them. These pets frequently show immense gratitude, forming deep, meaningful bonds with their caregivers. Their distinct personalities and the joy they bring to daily life underscore the fact that every pet, regardless of its circumstances, has the potential to be a cherished companion.

How does adopting a less adoptable pet help other animals in shelters?

Adopting a less adoptable pet helps other animals in shelters by freeing up valuable space and resources. When a pet that may have been overlooked—due to age, health issues, or special needs—finds a home, it provides an opportunity for this animal to thrive and allows the shelter to extend care to another animal in need. This act of adoption contributes to a positive cycle, increasing the overall capacity for rescue organizations to save more lives, offer medical treatment, and improve the welfare of countless other animals awaiting their forever homes.

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