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Adopt A Dog Month

October 1, 2023

October is Adopt A Dog Month! While there is certainly no wrong time to bring Fido into your home, autumn can be the perfect time of year to adopt a pooch. If you’re considering bringing a new canine pal into your life, read on! A Roswell, NM vet offers some advice on dog adoption in this article.

Consider A Shelter Pup

There are definite benefits to going through a reputable breeder, especially if you know you want a specific kind of dog. However, there are thousands of wonderful pooches in shelters that are in desperate need of loving homes. Many people find that getting a shelter pup is not only cheaper, but ultimately more rewarding. Giving that one sweet pooch a second chance can be very fulfilling! 

Take Time With Fido

It’s always interesting seeing how different people gravitate towards certain breeds. A playful, athletic pooch may be a great match for one family, while a quieter cuddlebug may be a better fit for another. Spend time with Fido, and get an idea of his personality. Looking for a specific breed? Do some research first. You may also want to look for a rescue that works with that breed.

Think Long Term

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. It’s always heartbreaking to hear of pups that got adopted, only to be returned soon after. Make sure you’re ready, willing, and able to provide Fido with great care for the rest of his life. If you aren’t sure where your life is headed in the next few years, consider adopting a senior dog: the commitment won’t be as long.

Ask All The Questions

While sometimes shelters don’t have much—or even any—information about dogs in their care, sometimes they know quite a bit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have children and/or already have pets in your home, err on the side of caution and go with a dog that is good with them. 

Let Love Grow

Getting adopted is a huge change for Fido. Your four-legged friend will need time to adjust to his new home. If he’s had bad experiences in the past, it may take him quite a while to really feel safe. Be patient, consistent, and positive, and offer lots of love, care, and, of course, snacks. You’ll have that cute tail going in no time! 

Do you have questions about caring for your canine friend? Contact us, your local Roswell, NM animal clinic, anytime!