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Ways To Pupgrade Your Yard

June 1, 2023

Does your canine companion have a yard to run and play in? Fido needs fresh air and exercise, just as we do. Why not make your yard a bit more ‘pawesome’ for your furry friend? A Roswell, NM vet offers some ways to pupgrade your yard in this article.


A good fence is a must. Fido  has been known to go over, under, and even through barriers. You may want to consider going with a snake-proof fence. We would also recommend getting a good, self-latching gate.


Fido can be territorial, and he likes to patrol certain areas. Work this into your yard design, and make your furry bff his own little areas and walkways.


New Mexico summers can be scorchers! It’s best to keep Fido indoors during the hottest part of the day. Your pooch may also enjoy a spot of his own. Doghouses should be slightly elevated. You don’t want to leave an empty gap beneath them, though: that could attract snakes. Choose something that is just the right size. If it’s too big, your pooch may not see it as a den, and could defecate in it. If it’s too small, it won’t be very comfortable.

Kiddie Pool

This one is also somewhat dependent on water restrictions. However, you can use the water for plants once your canine friend  has finished splashing around.

Pup-Friendly Ground Cover

Water restrictions and shortage issues don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. This is something to keep in mind when choosing ground cover. Opt for something that is drought-resistant, such as buffalo grass. However, you may find that artificial grass also works well.  

Keep Fleas Away

Did you know that certain plants have flea-repelling properties? Catnip, marigolds, rosemary, and sage are a few plants that can keep these harmful critters away. (Of course, you’ll still have to keep up with Fido’s parasite control.)

Water Bowls

Your canine pal should always have fresh water available outdoors. You can make this look a bit nicer by using elevated dishes. Or, put your pet’s water in a plant urn!


Do you have a solid fence? Consider making a little porthole window, so Fido can see what’s going on outside. You can even find bubble-shaped ones made just for pets.

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